Manon is born with a curious and adventurous mind, so naturally she read every book and saw every movie she could put her hands on and that had anything to do with adventures that lead to discoveries.
She understood that if she were to pursue a life such as the ones pictured in her books and DVDs, she had to let the rebel in her speak up. Manon is not disruptive for political reasons or to make a name. She knows that being the daughter of a privileged family living in the chic quarters of Paris was a little a too conventional environment to offer her the opportunities that she always craved for.
So be it ! What got her were she was, in Paris, would not get her were she wanted to go. For that she had to invent her own journey, break a few codes, dare the unknown, accept that to find her way, she probably had to lose herself. After some studies of photography and videographer, she leaved to travel. So the journey began, East, always East. Towards Asia.
Manon literally climbed mountains to reach People she was for so long attracted to. Her curiosity would soon be satisfied she was ready to watch, listen, learn and… Share. Share all the stories that told about women and men, about differences, about culture and time, about hate and love, sorrow and joy.
With her sensitivity, and of course her perception but also her tenderness for these men and women she meets through her travels, Manon shows us a way, shows us her way to get closer to humanity.